New short synopsis for my vampire novel

The Trick is an upmarket vampire story of time, hunger, love, and family, told alternately from the male and female protagonist’s point of view.

Vincent, a faithful Catholic, is two hundred seven-one years old, survives on the blood of living creatures, and can perform an amazing trick: he can reverse time—for fifteen minutes, anyway. Vincent is in a long, long quest for love and family, but each time he is foiled, until he meets Helen. He’s absolutely smitten; Helen is the woman he’s been looking for. There’s only one problem: Helen doesn’t want kids. She wants to be turned so that she could live forever with him, her true love, and children didn’t enter into her equation. At first Vincent refuses—there’s a painful cost to his form of mortality, and there’s also her soul to consider—but in the end, compromise wins the day. Together they form a family and can do more than they ever imagined.

What do you think?

I had a lot of fun with this novel. I definitely went rogue and deviated from vampire canon. I’m always looking for the loophole: Can a vampire have kids? Not in the traditional sense. Can a vampire be killed with poison? Yes! Does a vampire really lack a soul? The jury is still out. Can a vampire transfer powers? Maybe! Can a vampire turn back time? Yes!

What kind of magic is this?

A snippet from my in-progress upmarket vampire story, The Trick

For a moment it all stopped and everything was silent. Helen listened for the tweet of a bird, the honk of traffic, or the chatter of a squirrel but heard only the sound of her own breathing. In the absence of external noise, the rhythmic beat of the pulse in her ear grew louder.

Helen marveled at the motionless tableaux. Gold and red autumn leaves were suspended in the air; a moth was caught in mid-flitter; even the feathery clouds, picking up the shine of the moon, had stopped moving. Helen touched a leaf hanging in mid-air and wondered, What kind of magic is this?