Robert Crumb butts

You may know of a comic Robert Crumb. He came out of the drug and free love era of the hip 1960’s. His politics are evident in his comics:  the character “Mr. Natural”, the comics “Weirdo”, “Snatch”. He’s a visionary who has been in trouble with the American government for his drawn opinions. He was a woman-chaser, for at least part of his life. His relationships with women were complex. Because of his openness and willingness to express all of this, we have a lovely body of work, in which he works out his demons, his desires, his fetishes, and his lusts.

What I want to talk to you about is how he draws butts.


Strong… muscular… tank-like. Able to give a grown man a piggy-back ride. With a bit of a shelf. Is it culturally inappropriate to call this a badonkadonk? I don’t know. All I know is, I have one. And it’s growing. Talk to me, ladies. Do you have a shelf? Can you rest things on it? Do you show it off? Do your partners appreciate it? Have you seen this Robert Crumb fetish? My ex-boyfriend did in fact ask me to give him piggy-back rides. Because I do have load-bearing lower body. Pants never have enough “bucket” for my shape.

Nowadays, women are pressured to be built extra skinny, with no calf muscles, and butts of no consequence. Thighs that can’t carry anything. Women toil at the gym to achieve this goal even if it is not their natural disposition.

Now I will not disparage the natural Twiggies of the world – everyone’s got a style and there’s beauty in every body. My point is that we should not forget the Robert Crumb bums either. Be proud of your shelf. Be proud of your powerful thunder thighs. GIVE someone a piggy-back ride. Climb those stairs! I live on a fifth floor walkup. I need those powerful legs! Don’t give into media pressure. There’s a place in the world for every type of butt, and I am here to celebrate the shelf-butt.

Let’s have a party for big strong Robert Crumb butts!

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