Decisions, decisions

Procrastination by way of web design

I spent a good eight hours today revamping, and enlarging all the thumbnail images, bandwidth be damned. I am writing a novel, so naturally I spent all day twiddling with images that have nothing to do with my novel. In the interest of preparing for this novel, I wanted to start a blog about writing, procrastination, and the process. I debated five ways to Sunday whether or not to host my blog on, or Pros to self-hosting: complete control of the look and feel. Cons to self-hosting: no real access to the community and ecosystem.

It’s probably six of one. I decided to host the blog here on

There are a lot of frog photos on

Responsive design

I have updated several of my websites to be more cleanly responsive. A responsive website will fit any layout, including phone and table. Additionally it should elegantly resize between various sizes on a desktop. Responsive design is best practice because in today’s world of proliferating devices, it means one set of code serving up the widest set of platforms; it also doesn’t lock the user into a specific design.

I build responsive websites using a combination of pure CSS media queries (using Sass, or Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets), Bootstrap, Respond.js as a responsive polyfill for older browsers, and Google’s HTML5 shim for older browsers. is built using WordPress and PHP. is built using Jekyll and Liquid. Both sites use jQuery and JavaScript.

Resize the following websites in your browser, or visit them on your phone and tablet:

Want a custom theme, a WordPress install on your own domain, or a responsive design? Contact me.

Updates to

I have updated using JAlbum, PHP, and mySQL. I use phpMyAdmin to access my database.

I have loaded new photos to the front page. I also made the entire gallery structure of the site less deep, so that a user can more quickly get to the large (pretty) photos. More galleries are directly accessible from the photos home page.

I like the way my web pages look when the images are all the same size. However, I have a number of photos that I like that happen to be vertical. I’m not sure if they can be cropped horizontal and still look good.

It’s probably more worthwhile to spend my time labelling and describing the images.

Fractals and PostScript

Fractals and PostScript from long ago when I used to be a PostScript developer! I have been playing with my pseudo-fractals lately. They are designs generated by simple mathematical rules, in PostScript, and interpreted by Preview on Macintosh. You can also open the PostScript files in Adobe Acrobat Distiller or GhostView. If you like PostScript art, check out my fonts too.

fractal image