Novel writing and the elusive third act

I am in the throes of novel writing.

I am working on the third act of The Trick, in which the heroine (Helen) goes a little baby-crazy, and her immortal vampire boyfriend must make a decision: start a family, or live without her.

I’m stuck because I don’t know how to write about baby-craziness. I never felt it myself. I have only witnessed it in others, and I fear turning it into a stereotype. Also, my novel is only at 48,000 words. It’s a wee bit too short.

In essence, I am stuck, with a fairly static third act. How do I make it as dynamic as the first two acts?

Act 1: They fall in love. Falling in love is fun to write about.
Act 2: They travel and enjoy the world. Vincent recalls previous girlfriends. Helen starts to worry about aging, and asks to be turned. They fight about it.
Act 3: Helen’s fear of aging and her desire for a family runs into conflict with Vincent’s non-human nature. Conflict is good but this act feels flat to me.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Novel writing and the elusive third act

  1. I think:

    1. Never let facts get in the way of a good story. If you don’t know what the actual symptoms of “baby crazy” are, make ’em up. As long as you make it entertaining, you’ll be forgiven.

    2. You’re the author, it’s your world to play in. You already have vampires, a non-existent entity. It’s your prerogative to get as creative as you possibly can with the rest of the narrative, regardless how plausible it might be in the real world. Have her craziness manifest itself as something really absurd, so absurd it even makes a creature who sucks blood for a living cringe. That can create all sorts of plot conflict/resolution possibilities!

    Good luck. I hope you see this through to a successful publication 🙂


    1. Thanks! I had deleted a farcical scene where her baby-craziness took the form of accumulating pets – something she and her vampire lover could do to excess because he’s rich and has a giant private building. I think I may restore that scene.


  2. She’s got a vampire boyfriend and she wants a baby too! Talk about having it all:)
    On the other hand, Vincent is such an apt name for a man-bat.

    All the best!

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